Newport Beach Elder Lawyer Offers 5 Tips for Long Distance Caregivers

More than 10 percent of people who are acting as caregivers for an older family member are doing so from a distance. Living an hour or more away from an aging parent or other relative can present some additional challenges for caregivers. Among those challenges are the financial strains of hiring help and the difficulties […]

Orange County Trust Lawyer: Avoid These Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning is a responsibility we all have, young or old. Yet only about half of all Americans with children have a Last Will and Testament or Trust to direct how their children should be cared for and who should inherit any assets left behind after death. It’s also troubling to know that most estate […]

I’m a Snowbird Who Lives Part-Time in Another State. Will My Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive Still Work During Quarantine?

Shelter in place and quarantine orders are the rule of the day with the coronavirus outbreak. Many of these executive orders came while snowbirds and retirees were staying here in their second homes, and now they are likely stuck there for a little longer than they originally planned. From a legal standpoint, many snowbirds are […]

Warn Your Loved Ones About These Coronavirus Scams!

On the heels of a very rough month for our country, scammers are now coming out of the woodwork in an attempt to defraud individuals and vulnerable senior citizens who are isolated, and perhaps unclear about current policies related to coronavirus stimulus payouts or testing. We wanted to warn our clients and readers about some […]

Strategies for Resolving Caregiver Conflict | Orange County Elder Law Attorney

When an elderly parent reaches the point where they need assistance with their daily living tasks, caregiver duties often fall on the shoulders of their adult children. In some families, the caregiving responsibilities are divided between siblings or other relatives. Ideally, everyone sharing in those duties will be on the same page when it comes […]

Orange County Estate Planning Attorneys on Inheriting Patents, Copyrights, and Other Intellectual Property

Intellectual property – ideas or works of art that have value but don’t originate in material reality – are considered personal property and may be bequeathed to heirs. There is well-established law on intellectual property and estate law for those who want their heirs to benefit from the fruits of their labors. If you’re creating […]

How a Special Needs Attorney in Orange County Can Help Your Family Prepare For The Future

Parents of children with special needs often find themselves overwhelmed with the daily responsibilities of managing their child’s care and coordinating various services. There is often very little time or energy left to spend on long-term planning. However, consulting with a special needs attorney in Orange County can get you started on the right path […]

COVID Pandemic Preparation: 5 Estate Planning Essentials for Every Adult

With the number of COVID-19 cases in America increasing exponentially, people across the country are preparing themselves for every possible scenario. As a result, many estate planning attorneys are being inundated with calls and emails about how to plan for this type of pandemic. While the following five tools are essential for estate planning at […]

Orange County Probate Attorney: What To Do After a Loved One Dies

When a loved one passes away, the grief is often overwhelming and exhausting. Your emotional state may make it nearly impossible to carry on basic functions like sleeping or eating. The last things you’ll feel like tackling are the legal or financial tasks that must be handled after an individual passes. Although delegating some of […]

3 Ways Your Child’s Spouse Can End Up with the Family’s Money

By Orange County Estate Attorney Darlynn Morgan It’s not inherently bad if your son-in-law or daughter-in-law receives your child’s inheritance; after all, he or she is part of the family. Ideally, if an in-law ends up with the family’s money (say your adult child passes away first), it’s always the hope that the in-law will […]