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Planning for Everyone You Love and Everything You Have

Do You Really Know?

Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what would happen legally and financially to you, your loved ones, your money and everything else you care about if something unexpected happened to you?

If you have an estate plan and it is out of date, your assets could be lost to the state department of unclaimed property or to an unnecessary and public court process or to conflict that could ensue.

If you do not have an estate plan, then the state of California has a plan for you, and it's probably not what you want.

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Here’s the bottom line: If you are uncertain of what would happen to you, your loved ones, your money, if something unexpected happened to you … then the first step is to find out exactly what would happen, legally and financially so that you can decide if the current state of your affairs is okay with you or if further action is needed.

A well-drafted estate plan can give you peace of mind, and the sense that you are as prepared as you can be for whatever life has in store.

Your estate plan should give you confidence that during an incapacity and after your death, your assets will be distributed as you intend, and your loved ones provided for.

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Nearly everyone has an estate- it’s your home, bank accounts, life insurance, investments, rental properties and life possessions…. Everything you own!

Whether you are married or single, have many assets or just a few, have young children, adult children or no children or are part of a blended family …

Estate planning is for anyone who wants to have control over their own care and finances during a disability as well as the distribution of assets after their death.

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“Can I DIY My Estate Plan?”

We get this question all the time.

Unfortunately, most DIY plans do not work because much of what passes for estate “planning” is little more than word processing.

You answer a few automated questions and then the drafter (normally just software, not a human being) decides which “plan” is right for you. And then you are forced into a template document that may not reflect your needs or situation whatsoever.

This is not estate planning; this is little more than a “search and replace” of your family’s name and then the hit of the “print” button.

We Are Professional Estate Planners

At Morgan Law Group we will educate you and take the time to get to know you, your family, your concerns, your goals and your issues.

Our Attorneys will gladly and patiently answer your questions to design an estate plan that is just right for you and will keep you and your loved ones out of court and out of conflict.

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