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Ensure that you are making the very best legal and financial decisions for your family.

There is a big difference in quality among professionals; and it’s important that you get connected to the right advisor who is going to best serve your family.

Contact us when you experience any of the following:

MLG Clients: Contact us before making important financial or legal decisions for your family. We’ll connect you to the resources you need to make the best decisions. Depending on your need, you may also be entitled to a complimentary Financial Review and Audit meeting. And by joining one of our VIP Membership Programs you can have a personal “legal concierge” relationship with your own Personal Family Lawyer without worrying about it breaking the bank. Contact Us to discuss the next best step to get you the guidance you need.

Not Yet an MLG Client? We know you want affordable access to your own trusted lawyer to turn to for guidance and advice. That is what we offer our Family Wealth VIP Membership clients and, to a degree, to our entire client family. Depending on your needs, we typically begin with a Family Wealth Planning Meeting to determine if it’s a fit for us to work together. Request a Family Wealth Planning Meeting or fill out the contact form to give us more information.

  • Planning to retire
  • When you are about to open a new investment account, and you have questions
  • Rollover of a retirement account
  • Before you open a retirement account or 401(k)
  • Thinking about purchasing life insurance
  • Want to have your life insurance policies reviewed
  • Want to have your annuity contracts reviewed
  • Planning for your children’s college fund
  • Before you get married
  • Purchasing a home or sale of a home
  • Thinking of refinancing your home
  • Thinking of doing a reverse mortgage
  • Thinking of doing a loan modification
  • When your financial advisor is opening accounts or has questions
  • If a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Want to learn about long term care options for yourself or your parents
  • Questions regarding elder abuse
  • When you are leaving your old job
  • When you start a new job
  • If you (or a loved one) is in a car accident
  • If you want to make gifts of money to your children or grandchildren
  • If you want to loan money to your children or grandchildren
  • Plan to start a business
  • Want to make gifts to charity
  • Forming a business
  • A child or grandchild is born or adopted
  • A child or grandchild is born with or develops special needs
  • A child or grandchild is leaving for college
  • If you just received an inheritance that you want to protect
  • Leasing office space for your business
  • Your neighbor is getting a divorce, or just got a DUI… and needs an attorney
  • Need a tax accountant or CPA
  • Your parent or grandparent needs living care assistance

We can help.

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**Disclaimer: Of course I am going to recommend other professionals who I think are great people and who I believe would do their best by you. Some I have known for many years and some I have even worked with myself.  However, I can’t make any representations about whether they are really a fit for what you need or the quality of their work in a given circumstance.  If they do great, please let me know; if it’s not so great, definitely let me know.  But I’m not responsible and you’ll have to work it out between yourselves.