If you’ve tackled your Orange County Estate planning and now have a will, trust and other directives in place to ensure your family is protected when they need it the most, congratulations!

You may find in a time of crisis or emergency that this was the best decision you’ve ever made.

On the flip side, your estate planning could turn out to be the biggest nightmare you’ve ever faced if you fail to update those documents with your Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer as your life and the law changes through the years.

So to help ensure your Orange County Estate Planning documents stay effective and relevant to your asset protection and child protection needs, here are 10 ‘life events’ which warrant an immediate review of your current Orange County estate plan:

  • Marriage
  • Remarriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth of a child
  • A child becomes handicapped or diagnosed as special needs
  • Your original guardians are no longer a good fit or your first choice to care for your kids
  • You are in a same-sex relationship with property or children in common
  • Purchase of life insurance
  • Purchase of real property
  • Sale of real property

Of course if you have experienced any of the above life changes and now need an Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer to review and update your current estate plan, simply mention this article and receive our Family Wealth Planning Session ($750 value) at no charge.  We do limit these in-depth review sessions at 10 per month, so be sure to call 949.260.1400 to immediately secure your spot!