In our previous blog we discussed that the first step to creating a good Orange County estate plan is to calculate your net worth. This can be done by subtracting all of your total debts from your total assets.

The next step in our series on estate planning is to determine what type of plan you will need.

Is a living trust the best option for you and your family? Can you get by using only a simple will? What about a medical power of attorney or living will?

Many factors go in to deciding what estate plan best suits your needs. When you sit down to make this decision, be sure to address the following:

– Age

– Marital status

– Children, including whether or not your child has special needs

– Whether or not you have a blended family, or share joint custody

– If no children, who your heirs or next-of-kin would be

– The amount of assets you own

– Any business interests you are involved in

– The anticipation of any large inheritances

– Owning of property in more than one state

– Large retirement accounts or life insurance policies

– Whether or not you have very specific instructions for distributing special possessions to loved ones

Once you compile this information, it may be difficult to know exactly what to do with it and how the information relates to the overall estate plan. If you have more questions or would like a free consultation to begin your estate plan, contact me, your neighborhood Orange County trust attorney by calling (949) 260-1400. Spending the small amount of time and money now to establish a secure plan can save months or possibly years of time for your loved ones after you are gone.