Small Business Legal Audit Workshop

Do you have a business or a hobby?  Having a solid legal foundation in your business is the difference between bumbling along, creating a business that is built on a house of cards and building a real business that does real business in the world.  Many owners are losing out on tremendous opportunities for growth because they simply don’t want to pay attention to these important things. 

The objectives for this workshop is that you will leave with an action plan for exactly what to do to set up, fix up, or shore up your business in order to have a rock solid legal foundation as the base of your business.  We will explore the ins and outs of having a separate legal entity for your business; we will look at the various agreements you have in your business: with clients, vendors, and business partners; we will take a look at Employment Issues, Protecting Your Brand and Estate Planning for business owners.  We will also be discussing the other three pillars of a successful business: having the right Insurance protection, solid Financial systems, and essential Tax strategies.

Sunwest Bank

17542 E. 17th Street  Suite 200
Tustin,  CA 92780

April 20, 2010
12:00pm – 3:00pm

Cost: $45 members
$60 members

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