Alyssa L.

Working with your firm has been a rewarding and educational experience. I worked in law offices and with attorneys for years and your approach really sets you apart from the rest. Ryan and I were so pleased and relieved with the ease, professionalism and family-friendly environment you offered. You could not have made it easier for us.

Leane & Alex H.

We recently had two children and knew we had to get our custody and financial distribution in order… Darlynn was so generous with her wisdom, time, and personal experiences. She gave honest opinions only when asked with no judgments given. The paperwork was all very professional, timely, and easy to follow. Everything was great. Thank you!

Connie V.

We appreciate the job Darlynn did in helping us with our estate planning. She was professional and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions without using ‘legalese’. I now have the peace of mind that should anything happen to me or my husband, our interests are well taken care of.

Rich & Jan D.

Peace of mind… This is what we now have. Working through the details with Darlynn and her staff was such a pleasure as this is a very difficult thing to do, and yet so important to be prepared for the future! Darlynn is so delightful and professional. She is also down to earth and we felt comfortable right away. Her expertise on estate planning made the process easy to understand. We highly recommend her services and professionalism!

Michele J.

Darlynn was prepared, thorough, and knowledgeable about the applicable law, understood me and my family’s desires and concerns, and imparted a sense of comfort in setting up our necessary trusts.

Jeff & Faith F.

We have been wanting to do it for awhile, but a trip out of the country propelled us to do it and stop procrastinating…. this was a great, easy process because of your sincerity, kindness and organization.  I loved how personable you are, and family friendly.  The process was very smooth and almost effortless on our part.

Wayne K.

Superior knowledge of the law, concern for us as clients and thorough explanation and follow-through.

Monte & Darleen H.

We appreciated your thoroughness, professional presentation using visual aids, friendly atmosphere [and] the warmth of hospitality expressed.

Darren C.

I knew I needed to do a trust, but I had always put it off. Darlynn and her staff made it easy for me. She explained everything in a very down-to-earth way. I will continue to recommend your firm to my friends who need estate planning.

Louis & JoAnn C.

Our experience with updating and implementing our estate planning was made so much easier by working with Darlynn.  Her knowledge and expertise gives us a peace of mind, knowing that our concerns are being met.  We know that we can rely on the Morgan Law Group for our continuing needs.

Ron & Cookie D.

It was great. We were made to feel very special. Everything went so smoothly. It was so easy to understand what was going on.

Nancy B.

Darlynn and her staff are very warm and caring. They attended to every detail — exactly what I wanted. It’s reassuring to know that I’m always able to rely on them in the future.

Michelle Y.

We had set up a family trust a few years back with another lawyer and were not happy with the service at all. A friend of ours referred us to Morgan Law Group so we decided to set up an appointment to have our trust reassessed at no cost to us. Our experience with Darlynn and the Morgan Law Group has been nothing but the best. Darlynn was thorough in explaining , in her professional opinion, what needed to be done, and what we could do without. She was honest and upfront about what we could expect, and provided great insight to protecting our assets.

Veronica was so helpful in preparing and explaining everything in advance, all we had to do was show up and sign on the dotted line. I would highly recommend Morgan Law Group to anyone who is looking for an understanding, professional family estate planner who really knows what they are doing.

They not only met, but exceeded our high expectations of customer service.

Tanya M.

Like most families out there, we all know we need to plan for our children’s futures yet life today tends to get in the way of doing so. With a 5 year old and 3 year old triplets we knew we had to get our affairs in order. Our road blocks came with finding the time, … and everything else that goes with life.

Darlynn and Veronica were wonderful! They went above and beyond planning our trust for us, they enabled us to get everything done in spite of our life’s craziness. They planned and worked with us as if we were friends trying to merge schedules for a get together! They worked around schedules… When things got too crazy on my end Veronica was always there the pick up the dropped pieces and walk me through all the steps.  If it had all been left up to me I may have put it off even longer. Darlynn and Veronica both have families and understood and were very helpful and friendly throughout the entire process. They made the whole process simple, quick and easy. I have such a sense of relief knowing that my family is protected and all it really took was a phone call. I can’t thank you two enough for all your help!

Michael S.

My wife and I were ‘first timers’ and had a lot of estate planning questions, especially relating to protecting our two young boys. There is nothing scarier than the thought of what would happen to your children if you were gone. Darlynn truly cares, and it comes through. I am happy to recommend Morgan Law Group whenever I talk with someone who needs these services.

Becky T.

Just prior to leaving on an international trip, my husband and I realized that we had to look at our affairs and update our outdated estate planning papers.  We called on Morgan Law Group and were immediately ushered into a professional and timely sequence of meetings that gently guided us in gathering our varied financial assets and coordinating them on one document so we could move effortlessly through a series of questions that would achieve our estate planning goals.

We are more than satisfied with the result of our time with Darlynn and her team—we feel secure and prepared for the future. We highly recommend the estate planning services of Morgan Law Group.

Liz & John S.

Our experience with the firm was wonderful… Darlynn was extremely knowledgeable and thorough, very open and easy to work with. She was patient with our many questions and answered all of them in depth, in a way we could understand, which helped us make the right decisions. Veronica was also very thorough, flexible and helpful.

Eric & Patti W.

Not only are we hugely confident in Morgan Law Group’s expertise in the designing of the best estate plan for us, but Darlynn and her staff have been thorough and attentive beyond our expectations.

Vance & Ginny C.

We had a great experience from beginning to end!  Darlynn and Veronica were wonderful to talk to and so down to earth.  The office worked with us to set up an appointment that was convenient for us and we so appreciate that.  Veronica quickly took all of my calls and Darlynn answered my many questions with a smile.  I love how our binder is so organized, well prepared and well thought out.  My husband and I really appreciated the choices we had with regard to payment–Darlynn and her staff really made us feel like we could afford to do this.  I also really like how everything falls under the one flat fee, instead of charging clients like us for every question or call.  Thanks Darlynn, Veronica and the whole staff!

Barbara M.

Our experience with Morgan Law Group was an excellent experience – we had our trust re-stated and felt very comfortable with all of our meetings with Darlynn  … with Morgan Law Group we understood everything that was presented to us and felt our trustees could pick up our restated trust and understand our wishes – we also liked the meetings and how information was presented to us – another plus was when Darlynn gave us her professional recommendations even if we did not agree with all of them – the set fees rather than hourly fees were a very positive thing for us – and finally – the notebook we received with our trust in it and the spread sheet at the front was great – we will definitely recommend this firm to our family and friends.

Kevin Y.

Very professional. Very detail oriented. Outstanding employees. Very satisfied.

Wendy & Andrew S.

Our experience with your firm was incredible!  We felt very comfortable with everyone involved, we’re in awe of your organization and your efficiency, and we could not have felt any more relaxed about sharing our information with your proficient law office.

Ann D.

The Morgan Law Group has been a fantastic resource for helping me put my estate in order! I have known Darlynn for many years, and I found myself needing to put together a Revocable Living Trust in order to protect my assets as well as plan for those who will receive them. About 4 years ago I went through a divorce and up until that time, I did not really know the steps I needed to take in order to make sure I could give my assets to the people I loved. I made an appointment with Darlynn and found her knowledge and caring approach invaluable! It was the best investment of time and money I have ever made, as her direction was clear and easy to follow. She walked me through all the steps, helped me make decisions on benefactors, even helped me set up individual trusts for my nieces and nephews upon the event of my death. While discussing death is not a favorite topic of most people, Darlynn made the discussion easy and gave me great peace of mind. I recommend Darlynn and the Morgan Law Group to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, kind and responsive team to help them with their own plans. It is such an important decision and helps not only yourself, however the people you love plan for the future!