As a business owner you will, at some point, need a lawyer. Not necessarily because you have a problem to deal with, either (although if something should happen it is nice to have someone you trust to turn to!).  It is almost 100% guaranteed that if you own a business, one or more of these things will come up:

•    You need to set up a business entity.
•    You will need someone to look over and negotiate a lease
•    You will need help preparing contracts.
•    You will have issues with clients who do not pay.
•    You may need to protect your intellectual property.
•    You will have issues with employees.
•    You will need help selling your business.

And this is just a short list of things that you may have to deal with.  That is why it is important to develop a relationship with an attorney that you trust.

I’m no mind reader, but I can take a guess at what you are thinking right now.

“I’m just a small business owner and there’s no way I can afford a relationship with a lawyer.”

This is where you are wrong.

There are two issues about which I am passionate that continue to drive my practice:
1.    Making sure parents name guardians for their children.
2.    Making sure business owners have affordable access to a stellar attorney.

Why should good legal service only be available to large corporations?

The answer is, of course, “it shouldn’t.”  High-quality legal services should be available to every business owner. And it is.  You just need to find them.

Bottom line, developing a relationship with a lawyer before you need them will go a long way in ensuring your long-term success plus keep you out of situations that may cause big problems down the road.  And, it’s easier and much more affordable than you may think.