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Dangers of Using “DIY” Online Software to Create a Special Needs Trust in California for a Child with Disabilities

We’re often asked by parents of kids with special needs for our honest opinion on using Do-It-Yourself software to create a Special Needs Trust in California. Obviously, DIY programs cost less than working with an attorney, and the ability to create a document online offers an extra level of convenience and ease. But… buyer beware. […]

Orange County Special Needs Lawyer: Reasons to Consider a Professional Administrator for Your Child’s Special Needs Trust

I’ve written many times about the importance of selecting the right person to serve as trustee for a disabled person’s Special Needs Trust. The trustee will need to make distributions, file tax returns and carry out numerous other duties that go along with administering a trust. Families often consider a sibling for this important role. […]

Orange County Special Needs Lawyer Reveals 3 Costly Mistakes Made By Most Families with Special Needs Children

By Darlynn Morgan- Orange County Special Needs Lawyer As an Orange County special needs lawyer, I know families with special needs children have unique planning requirements. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions when it comes to securing the financial future your child deserves.  Even well-meaning caregivers and service organizations don’t understand issues and give bad advice. […]