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Orange County Elder Law Attorney: What are the Warning Signs of Dementia?

Dementia is one of the most devastating conditions affecting seniors, resulting in an eventual loss of cognitive functions. While there is no cure for dementia or the two leading diseases that cause dementia, Alzheimer’s and Lewy body dementia, there are treatments that can slow the effects and help make life more manageable. In order for […]

Newport Beach Elder Law Attorney: BIG Changes Coming for Nursing Home Contracts

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Servicers (CMS) just made a momentous change of federal nursing home regulations. Nursing homes are now banned from using pre-dispute binding arbitration agreements.  This means nursing homes can no longer force you to sign away your right to due process. Let me explain…. Before this regulation change, nursing homes […]

Orange County Elder Law Attorney: Having THAT Conversation with an Elderly Parent

Many of us are lucky enough to have our parents around long enough for them to know their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. If you are one of the blessed, consider yourself lucky. However, there is one thing that you may eventually have to face – a parent who should not live at home alone anymore. As […]

Pre-Planning with an Orange County Elder Law Attorney for Nursing Home Care

One of the more difficult topics that Orange County elder law lawyers and their clients must discuss is the potential need for nursing home care. However, talking about it and knowing the options is actually one of the things that can make things easier. With the help of a good elder lawyer in Orange County, […]

Orange County Elder Law Attorney: When You Must Manage Your Elderly Parent’s Finances

Elder law attorneys in Orange County very often find themselves advising adult children of the elderly on the intricacies of managing their parents’ finances.  While it may seem straightforward at first, there are a lot of details and difficulties that can get in the way.  There are so many things to coordinate, and often the […]

Orange County Elder Law Attorney Weighs in on Guardianships vs. Powers of Attorney

As an elder law attorney in Orange County with considerable experience, certain questions are asked over and over again.  One area that sometimes requires explanation is the difference between guardianships and powers of attorney. Guardianships for Elders Guardianships come into play when an adult experiences some sort of issue that leads to a mental disability.  […]

An Overview of Long Term Care Options

One of the greatest concerns for the elderly we serve and their families is that of long term care.  Two-thirds of seniors will need care at some point in their life and many have not planned for this likelihood.  It is an emotional and unpleasant topic to broach, but helping those we serve to plan […]

A Review of Important Elder Law Stories

Here is a review of important news that affected our senior, Veteran and disabled populations. Many stories affecting these groups made national headlines. The DOMA Decision One of the US Supreme Court’s highlighted decisions of the year was US v. Windsor[1].  This case stemmed from a widow from a same-sex marriage who was denied tax […]

Helping Families Deal With the Financial and Emotional Costs of Dementia

As many of you know, May is National Elder Law Month.  The National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) has declared this month the time for Elder Law attorneys across the nation to take time out of their busy practices to help educate the public about Elder Law and how an Elder Law attorney can […]

Talk to Your Elder Care Lawyer in Newport Beach about the VA and Nursing Home Costs

One of the biggest concerns for clients of elder lawyers in Newport Beach is how to pay for nursing home care if and when it becomes needed.  This question doesn’t go away simply because the client is a veteran of the armed forces, but it does have some different possible answers.  Those who are eligible […]