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Help! I’m the Executor of a Will and I Don’t Know What to Do

In a perfect world, the executor of a Last Will and Testament will have all the information and resources they need to administer an estate quickly and efficiently. An Orange County probate attorney can tell you, this is not often the case. In the real world, many people don’t even know that they’ve been named […]

Should an Executor be Paid a Fee for Handling an Estate? | Orange County Estate Attorney

After the death of a loved one, there is quite a bit of work to be done. Most of the financial work will be handled by the executor named by the deceased in their will or trust. These tasks can involve gathering and securing the deceased’s assets and household belongings, paying debts and taxes, filling […]

What is a fiduciary? | Estate planning lawyers in Orange County

It’s bad enough that you have to think about death when planning your estate, but what’s worse are all of these hardly-pronounceable words of which you have no idea what they mean. Beneficiary? Fiduciary? Revocable Living Trusts? What does it all mean?! In order to focus on living your life and breathing easier, do yourself […]