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Newport Beach Elder Law Attorney: How Can I Avoid a Conservatorship in California?

A Conservatorship in California is when a person is appointed by the court to look after another person’s financial and physical well-being. This is not always a great situation to be in since the court may appoint someone who would never be chosen by the individual or their family. Fortunately, there are a few simple […]

Trust Lawyer in Newport Beach Answers, “What is a Conservatorship or an Adult Guardian?”

The idea of conservatorships really came before the mainstream population a few years back when pop idol Britney Spears seemed to have an emotional breakdown right in front of the public eye.  At that time, her father was named as her conservator.  The term sounds like a babysitter, at best, or like a harsh authoritarian […]

Can You Trust Your Trust?

If you already have a revocable living trust, then this article is for you.  Can you trust that it will work when you and your family need it the most?  Will you really avoid a conservatorship or a probate and the costs and delay that come with these drawn out court processes? This may surprise […]