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Newlywed planning isn’t just about creating a California premarital agreement, although that is certainly one strategy to consider. Newlywed planning goes hand in hand with California estate planning.

How to Make Your Prenup in Newport Beach Last Longer Than Your Marriage

Prenuptial lawyers in Newport Beach wish that all marriages would stand the test of time. The sad truth, however, is that the majority of marriages really do end in divorce. While no couple should get married anticipating that this will happen, working out some prenuptial details is the best way to protect you and your […]

Prenuptial Agreements as a Part of Newlywed Planning in Orange County

There are few times in life that are as exciting and full of promise as the period of a wedding and newlywed planning.  People know that their wedding day will be one of the most remembered of their lives.  While there is certainly stress involved in making so many decisions, there is also an underlying […]

Orange County Newlywed Planning for a Better Financial Future – A Few Simple Things to Do

Entering the newlywed planning stage here in Orange County is incredibly exciting. Sure, there are dresses and tuxedos, cakes and wedding registries. But more importantly, you are starting your life with someone else. And you want that life to be as comfortable and “successful” as possible. That’s why finances should play a part in your newlywed planning.

Newport Beach Prenup Lawyer Talks Newlywed Finances

Whether you have a prenuptial agreement yet or not, finances are something that every newlywed or soon-to-be-married couple in Orange County should discuss in detail.  Your lives are merging, and so too are your assets and your liabilities. You may feel like shying away from this type of conversation because it’s just not “romantic,” and […]

Prenup 101: The Basics of the Prenuptial Agreement in Orange County, CA

Prenuptial agreements tend to get a lot of attention when it comes to celebrity divorces, but there are plenty of non-famous people who are opting in to this type of contract.  The reasons for doing so are pretty varied, and it rarely has to do with the parties not trusting each other.  As an Orange […]

Orange County Newlywed Planning and the Prenuptial Agreement

Newlywed planning can be so much fun.  There’s the dress, the photographer, the caterer, and the flowers.  One area that can get overlooked, however, is the prenuptial agreement.  Sure, it might not seem like as much fun as tasting cakes and picking your first dance song, but it is something that needs to be considered […]

Can a Newport Beach Prenup Lawyer Really Help with Estate Planning?

If you’re thinking about having a prenup drawn up before you tie the knot in Orange County, you may want to find an attorney who focuses on estate planning, too. Perhaps surprisingly to some, a prenuptial agreement can be an important piece of estate planning documentation. Many couples in Newport Beach see the importance of […]

Getting Married Before The End of The Year? Orange County Tax Lawyer Says Think Twice Before Filing the ‘Official’ Paperwork

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Tax Lawyer Welcome to Southern California, where winter weddings are always a popular choice for couples who don’t have to worry about the snow or freezing temperatures the way they do in other states. However, as an Orange County tax lawyer, I will say there is one HUGE thing couples […]

Does California Recognize Common Law Marriage and What Are My Rights?

I often meet with couples who assume that because they’ve lived together for a certain number of years, they will automatically receive their partner’s assets or other inheritance should one of them unexpectedly pass away. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as California does not recognize common law relationships as some other states do.   So […]

Before You Say “We Do”: Important Planning Tips from an Irvine Corporate Lawyer

From the desk of Darlynn Morgan:  Irvine Corporate Lawyer Every new relationship begins with starry-eyed optimism… The world is your oyster…the sun is shining…the birds are singing… But what happens a few months down the road when the bloom is off the rose? Believe me, as an Irvine corporate lawyer I know from experience that […]