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If you are a California family with young children, then your estate plan should begin with a foundation that ensures your children would always be taken care of, no matter what happens.

Orange County Parents: Here’s What Can Happen to Your Kids If You Pass Away Without a Will or Trust in Place

One of my greatest passions as an Orange County estate planning lawyer is teaching parents how to wisely prepare for death. I realize the possibility of dying while your children are still young can be difficult to accept and that’s why many parents choose to not think about it. Unfortunately, this fear can prevent parents […]

Orange County Trust Lawyer: You May Need Two Guardians for Your Minor Children

People often struggle with deciding who will serve as guardian for their minor children if they pass away. We’ve walked hundreds of Orange County families through this process. Sometimes, the family situation requires naming not just one guardian, but two. If you leave your children a substantial inheritance, it will be necessary to name a […]

Parents Died Within 24 Hours of Each Other– Was There a Plan? | Orange County Guardianship Lawyer

I read this story a while ago, but I was thinking about it today. In 2016, a young couple and parents of six died within 24 hours of each other.  The mother died unexpectedly from a blood clot and the father died 24 hours later as a result of a heart attack. Many feel that […]

Teach Your Kids the Fundamentals of Money

Kids generally don’t understand money innately, and until they learn that money must be earned and is in finite supply at any given time, kids are apt to develop a one-way relationship with money and become very good spenders. Those are tough habits to break. They can last into well into adulthood, and the consequences […]

Protect Your Children’s Future – Orange County Guardianship Attorney Says “Clearly Outline How You Want Them To Be Raised”

Two of the most important things you can do for your minor children are to decide who will care for them and who will manage their finances in the event that something unexpectedly happens to you. These can be sad things to think about, but they are imperative in protecting your child’s future. Choosing the […]

Orange County Estate Planning for the Young

Estate planning needs a new name. When most people think of estate planning, words like elderly, wealthy, or death often come to mind. It also conjures images of vast tracks of land surrounded by high fences and homes built in the image of Versailles, right? Or is that just me? However accurate the word associations […]

Orange County Guardianship Attorney Tackles Overlooked Questions When Naming Guardians for Your Kids

No one likes the idea of leaving their children without a parent, especially when the discussion revolves around planning for an untimely death. But in order to make sure that your children are properly taken care of if both parents should pass away at the same time, the discussion on guardianship must be had. There […]