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California business planning is essential for a business owner and yet, it is difficult to be proactive. Really, California estate planning and business planning go hand-in-hand.

Orange County Estate Planning Attorneys on Inheriting Patents, Copyrights, and Other Intellectual Property

Intellectual property – ideas or works of art that have value but don’t originate in material reality – are considered personal property and may be bequeathed to heirs. There is well-established law on intellectual property and estate law for those who want their heirs to benefit from the fruits of their labors. If you’re creating […]

Orange County Trust Lawyer: Why Every Small Business Owner Needs an Estate Plan

Creating and building a successful business is an incredibly difficult undertaking – and maintaining that success is usually even more challenging. Protecting that success, however, is a different story entirely. You must consider what will happen if you die or become incapacitated, if your business will be subjected to estate taxes once you pass away, […]

Orange County Trust Lawyer on How to Create a Business Succession Strategy

As an Orange County trust lawyer, I can confidently say that small businesses are the backbone of this country. They employ more than half of the domestic workforce and contribute greatly to the economy. But did you know that 9 out of every 10 small businesses are family-owned, and more surprisingly, that most of those […]

Orange County Business Planning Lawyer: Your Business Should Be Ready for the Unexpected

Business planning tends to revolve around where your business is right now and where you want it to be in the future. However, there is one aspect of business planning that many Orange County business owners overlook – what happens if you die unexpectedly. For a lot of people, a business is their biggest asset. […]

Orange County Business Owners – Plan Your Exit Strategy BEFORE You Need It!

Do you have a plan for the day when you decide to retire, or even pass away?  Retirement may not be something you are even thinking about, so in that case you probably answered no. But, what if something happens to you? Do you really want your business to flounder and fail? I thought not.  […]

Working with a Business Planning Lawyer In Orange County to Choose a Business Entity: Part I

With so much information to share on the types of business entities to consider, this post will appear in two parts. The first will look at some of the more commonly recognized entities that business planning lawyers in Orange County to help set up, and the second will delve a bit deeper. Without the help […]

Business Planning Attorneys in Orange County Recommend Living Trusts

Orange County business attorneys see again and again how folks under appreciate just what they can do to protect their businesses through estate planning.  After spending years building a solid business, it should almost go without saying that you want to protect what you’ve created.  One way is to work with a business planning attorney […]

How to Avoid a Basis Management Disaster

Many of us in the legal, financial and accounting worlds discover our new clients’ well-intentioned, yet disastrous, plans after the fact.  The widow has already transferred her house into her children’s names or an inherited IRA is drained to pay for a Porsche.  Observing the lost planning opportunity and the financial fallout is universally gut […]

What to Expect from Estate Planning in Orange County, CA Part III

This is the third in a series of articles on what to expect when you work with your Orange County estate planning lawyer.  Each article will cover several of the topics that you will need to consider to make a plan that works for your needs. In the previous to editions of this series, we […]

Uncovering Charitable Planning Opportunities

Charitable giving is discretionary spending. It is affected by both the economy and the income tax rates. Not surprisingly, charitable giving has been down in recent years, but this does not mean clients are less charitably inclined. Many just need to be pointed in the right direction. With the $5.12 million transfer tax exemption ending […]