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The attorneys at Morgan Law Group offer a variety of fast, fun and educational legal seminars designed to equip and empower the members of your recreational or business non-profit organization.

To learn more about our seminar topics listed below, or to schedule a free speaking engagement at your place of business, school, worship center, daycare or recreational facility, please call (949) 260-1400.

Kids Care Planning Workshop

Discover 9 little known steps you must take to protect your minor children in today’s crazy world should the unthinkable happen to you.

In this fast, fun and educational workshop, Darlynn teaches parents of young children 9 critical steps to ensure their minor children stay protected—no matter what!

From drafting vital babysitter instructions to naming short and long-term guardians, Darlynn leaves no stone unturned in helping parents make sure their kids are raised by the people they want, in the way they want, should something happen to them and/or their spouse.

Specifically, guests attending this workshop will discover:

  • Common mistakes parents make that allow the police to take their minor kids out of the house and into the hands of foster care …even with family members ready and willing to help….if you were temporarily or permanently injured in an accident.
  • How to keep your kids from the expenses and delays of the court system….and out of the hands of a judge assigned to make painful custody or financial decisions on your family’s behalf.
  • The six common mistakes parents make when naming guardians for their minor children…..and how to ‘undo’ those mistakes if you’ve made one.
  • How to ensure your money is immediately available to your chosen guardians so your kids won’t need hand-outs or state-aid should something happen to you…and why this must be PRIVATE to keep every con-artist in town away from your family’s inheritance.
  • How to ensure your current will, trust or other estate planning documents won’t FAIL (which they do most of the time, even when drafted by lawyers!) when your family needs them the most.

For more information on our Kids Care Planning workshop or to book Darlynn or Brooke as a speaker for your next seminar or event, please call 949-260-1400.
Special Needs Kids Care Planning Workshop

Future Care Planning for Children with Special Needs: How to Create a Fortress of Protection Around Your Child that Will Last a Lifetime.

In this presentation, our attorneys take parents of special needs children by the hand to show them the best ways to plan for their disabled child now, how to make sure their child is provided for financially in the future and the specific instructions that must be left behind to ensure their child is protected should the unthinkable happen.

Specifically, guests attending this workshop will discover:

  • How to create a rock solid hedge of protection around your special needs child so you can rest easy knowing he or she will be cared for in the way you want, by the people you want should something happen to you and/or your spouse.
  • How to ensure your child will be taken care of financially for the remainder of his or her lifetime without jeopardizing your child’s eligibility for necessary state or government aid.
  • What are special needs trusts and how to use them.
  • How to ensure you are working with the right legal and financial advisors for your child….and how to avoid being taken advantage of in the process.
  • Critical steps in protecting a special needs child should the parent ever become incapacitated or unable to care for them on a short-term OR long-term basis.
  • How to set up a long-term support system for an individual with life-long disabilities…which is critical to the quality of their overall care.

For more information on our Special Needs Kids Care Planning workshop or to book Darlynn or Brooke as a speaker for your next seminar or event, please call 949-260-1400.

Can You Trust Your Trust?  Top 7 Reasons to Update Your Current Estate Plan

Learn how an outdated estate plan can cost you and your family thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses and years of headaches in this revealing and eye –opening seminar that will have you pulling your dusty documents out of the drawer the minute you get home!

Contrary to popular belief, your estate plan CAN fail your family if it is not updated as your life, and the law, changes through the years.

And sadly, most people do not learn this lesson until it’s too late and thousands of dollars have flowed out the door in unforeseen long-term care expenses, probate costs, estate taxes, claims from creditors and legal fees.

Fortunately, in this workshop, Darlynn will teach you 7 easy steps to ensure your estate plan stays up to date  and works exactly how you want it to should something happen to you.

Specifically, in this workshop you will discover:

  • Why most living trusts do not work and easy steps you can take to ensure your trust will NOT fail your family when they need it the most.
  • How to leave assets to your loved ones that cannot be lost to claims from creditors, divorce or reckless spending.
  • Easy ways to protect your family from expensive and time-consuming court battles to claim what’s rightfully theirs if you die or become incapacitated in the state of California.
  • What is probate and why you want to avoid it at all costs.
  • Who gets control of your money, your children and your assets if you are in incapacitated on a short OR long-term basis…and easy steps to make sure it’s the person YOU want in charge!
  • How often you must review your estate plan to ensure you stay protected should death or incapacity occur.
  • And more!

For further information on this workshop or to book Darlynn or Brooke as a speaker for your next seminar or event, please call 949-260-1400.

The Shocking Truth: 7 Things You Need to Know About Estate Planning NOW to Protect the People and Things You Love 

According to recent statistics, 65% percent of Americans do not have a plan in place to protect the people and things they love should death or incapacity occur.

In this fast, fun and easy-to-understand presentation, attorney Darlynn Morgan will offer real-life stories and straightforward explanations to help participants discover:

  • What is estate planning is….and is NOT.
  • Everything you need to know to protect your hard-earned wealth and spare your family from years of headaches, legal fees and unnecessary taxes during an already grief-filled time.
  • Why a Will is virtually worthless.
  • Simple strategies to shield your wealth from the estate or “death tax”.…which could easily consume up to 50% of your estate if Congress does nothing in the coming years!
  • Why estate planning is NOT just for the wealthy…and the specific paperwork that every single American adult must have in placeto make life easier for their family if anything happens. If you have young adult children, you’ve got to hear this!
  • The planning steps you must take right away to ensure your minor children would be raised by the people you want, in a way you want, if something happens to you and/or your spouse.
  • Why a large majority of estate plans wind up being nothing more than an expensive stack of paper...and simple steps you can take right now to ensure your estate plan does not FAIL when your family needs it the most.
  • How you can guarantee that what you leave your kids is never lost to their

    future ex-spouses or lawsuits against them…and how you can protect what you inherit from your parents!

  • Common myths about incapacity planning and three simple documents you must have in place to ensure someone can act medically and financially on your behalf if you are seriously ill or injured but do not pass away (HINT: neither your will or trust will kick in to help you during this time!).
  • ….and more!

For more information about our Shocking Truth workshop or to book Darlynn or Brooke as a speaker for your next seminar or event, please call 949-260-1400.


Empowered Woman: Easy Ways to Protect Your Family, Finances and Legacy for the Utmost Peace of Mind

Now more than ever, women are taking back control of their personal and financial affairs to ensure their family, finances and legacy stay protected should the unthinkable occur.

In this straightforward and easy-to-understand presentation, attorney Darlynn Morgan  walks today’s savvy woman through the most common ways to plan for life’s ever changing circumstances, including the blending of a family, financial protection before marriage,  financial and legal protection after divorce, raising kids as a single parent and how to make sure your children and wishes stay protected if death or incapacity occurs.

Specifically, guests attending this workshop will:

  • Learn how to name the people you want to be in charge of your affairs if you become incapacitated, legally and financially, so that your future is not left in the hands of the court system;
  • Be sure your children never spend even one moment in the care of strangers (or anyone you wouldn’t want) if anything happens to you.
  • Avoid the expenses and delays of a long, drawn-out court process that would make life difficult for your loved ones if you passed away unexpectedly.
  • Make sure your hard-earned money is immediately and privately available to your chosen decision makers.
  • Get your legal and financial house in order and take control of your  finances.          
  • …And much more!

For more information about our Empowered Women workshop or to book Darlynn or Brooke as a speaker for your next seminar or event, please call 949-260-1400.


Charitable Giving Workshop (for non-profit organizations)

We want to help educate your staff, Board Members and potential donors about planned giving!

The main goal of this presentation is to increase the revenue opportunities for your organization, as donors will be taught easy ways to increase their giving using easy estate planning strategies.

Specifically, attendees of this 30-minute presentation will discover:

  • What planned giving really is…and is not.
  • The intrinsic, as well as financial benefits of designating a portion of your estate to a non-profit or charitable organization upon death.
  • Unique opportunities that exist in the next two years that allow potential donors to give more and pay less taxes!
  •  2 easy ways to amend your current estate plan to benefit the charity or non-profit of your choice.
  • How planned giving can lower your taxable estate and save your family from an IRS bill upon your passing.
  • How planned giving benefits your kids and creates a legacy for generations to come.
  •  …and more!

For more information about our Charitable Giving workshop or to book Darlynn or Brooke as a speaker for your next seminar or event, please call 949-260-1400.

Guardianship Fundraiser Workshop (for non-profit organizations)

The Easiest Way To Raise Money, Raise Awareness About A Vitally Important Issue And Have Parents Thanking You For Years To Come.

Darlynn will take members of your non-profit organization through an easy 3-step process for avoiding one of the six common mistakes parents make when naming guardians. PLUS, parents will walk out with official legal documents protecting their kids! You will receive all the materials you need to promote the event. This workshop takes a minimum of 1.5 hours and between 10 and 15 family units should plan to attend.

Simply let know you are interested by calling 949-260-1400and our Community Relations Coordinator will give you a call within two business days to discuss the plans for your event.

What People Are Saying

“I wanted to express how grateful our group was for your visit. Your talk was so helpful and honest, and you were so down to earth and personable. We each definitely learned something new.” –  Ruby Delfin, Our Lady Queen of Angels Mother’s Group, 2011