Our Estate Planning Process

The Morgan Law Group Experience

We know that beginning your estate plan is a big step.

Our process is designed to ensure your confidence in the planning process each step of the way, and our planning process is the perfect combination of efficiency and warmth.

Every decision is carefully reviewed with you and yet the entire process stretches out only eight weeks. You can feel confident knowing that within two months of meeting with us, your family could be totally planned for, protected and not at risk of being stuck in court or conflict if something happens to you.

Our estate planning process provides you with a comprehensive family estate plan in just four to eight weeks. It is designed to ensure your family and assets are completely protected, you feel confident about your choices, and you have us as your trusted family attorney to turn to in the future. We make the process as easy as possible for you.

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Morgan Law Group’s 4 Step Estate Planning Process

Step 1

Schedule and Attend a Planning Session

The first step to getting started is to schedule a Planning Session. We invite you to Contact us or schedule a 15-minute call ​to discuss your specific needs and next best step.


When you schedule your personal Family Wealth Planning Session, we block 2 hours on our calendar so we can focus entirely on you and your family during this time. We will send you a package of information to complete before our time together, which will help you begin the process of getting your legal and financial life in order.

Your Initial Meeting: The Family Wealth Planning Session

Our planning process begins with your Family Wealth Planning Session.

This is your opportunity to get educated, informed and fully empowered to make the right decisions for the people you love. And together we have the opportunity to meet each other and ensure that working together is a good fit.

During your Family Wealth Planning Session, we will walk you through exactly what would happen—legally, financially, and for your loved ones- if anything unexpected were to happen to you today.

We’ll talk together, we will listen – and you will then be able to determine if there is anything about your current plan that you would want to be different then how it is today…. and you will get clear on what you would want to happen instead.

Select & Design Your Plan

Based upon what we discover together, our attorney will then present you with planning options that allow you to decide on the fee that is right for your family (we have three different planning levels to accommodate varying needs)

All of our fees are flat fees agreed upon in advance, so there are no surprises. Learn more about the cost of estate planning here.

Assuming there is a good fit between you and our firm, we will then design your plan together…. A plan that will give you peace of mind that every detail has been considered and that you and the people you love would be protected if the “unthinkable” happens.

Make Informed/Empowered Choices: Choose the right planning level and options and fee for your plan. We have 3 Levels of Planning, all flat fees, agreed to in advance, no surprises!

Step 2

Creating Your Plan

We get right to work on creating your plan.

We work together as a team and alongside you to cover every detail. You will receive your Family Wealth Inventory and also Confirm Names and Contact information for those named in your plan.

We design our plans using the most contemporary legal strategies available and an interactive counseling method.

We bring distinction to this process with innovative solutions, deep knowledge of advanced strategies when needed, design skills all presented in an engaging and understandable dialog.

Step 3

Review & Sign your Plan

At your signing meeting we will present your Estate Planning documents to you and review your plan in detail. We will answer questions and review your Funding Toolkit.

Step 4

After You Sign Your Plan

After you sign your Plan you will begin the process of “funding” your trust following the instructions in your Funding Toolkit.

Your 90 day “Final Review Window” starts and you will read and thoroughly review your estate planning documents.

We check on the status of your Funding and answer your questions. You may contact us with any questions or desired changes. At the close of the Final Review Window the planning phase is complete, and the maintenance phase of your plan will begin.

Ongoing Client Care: Ensure Your Plan Is Current

At no additional charge, we review your plan every three years and keep you informed about changes in the law and about other issues that affect your family and your wealth. We are always here for you and we don’t charge you for phone calls.

For more information about Morgan Law Group, schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session and let’s review what you own, who you love, and what would happen under your current plan, or the State’s plan for you.

Ready to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about us and how we can be of service to you and your family contact us or schedule a 15-minute call​. You may also call our office at 949.260.1400 to schedule an appointment.

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