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Orange County Will and Trust Attorney: Creative Ways to Leave “Intangible Assets” To Your Loved Ones

When most people think about estate planning, they picture money and property. But, more and more people are adding intangible assets to their estate plan. Intangible assets might be things that have no monetary value, but are nonetheless important to the family. They may include personal letters, a recorded family history, or digital assets such […]

What Happens If My Heir Dies Before I Do in Orange County?

In the majority of estate plans in Orange County, the heirs are pretty clearly outlined.Typically speaking, spouses and children are the most commonly listed heirs. But, what happens when you outlive an heir?

Using Wills and Trusts, OC Parents Can Protect Their Kids From the Grave

In my daily practice I get a lot of questions about the importance of wills and trusts. OC parents often fear they are showing a complete lack of faith in their children by stipulating how and when they can receive their inheritance when they are gone. I read a similar story this week about Michael […]