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Orange County Probate Lawyers Don’t Like Surprises

Sure, the typical probate lawyer in Orange County, CA might like a surprise birthday party or an unexpected bit of good news, but when it comes to probate, the fewer surprises, the better.  One of the main purposes of estate planning, after all, is to detail how an individual would like for things to proceed […]

Estate and Elder Law Issues: Are Your Elderly Loved One’s Finances Out of Control? How Do You Know?

Orange County estate and elder law attorneys are used to bridging the generations, and we understand many of the nuances that create a disconnect between adult children and their aging parents.  One major issue can be that of finances.  In the older generation, it is still considered fairly taboo to discuss one’s financial situation with […]

Orange County Probate Lawyer Weighs in on Whether to Add Your Child to Your Bank Accounts to Avoid Probate

Individuals engaged in estate planning often get panicky when they hear the word “probate.”  When the term hasn’t been fully explained by a probate lawyer (and sometimes even when it has), it conjures visions of long waits, loss of inheritance, and many other hassles for heirs of an estate. To calm these fears (and to […]

Probate Attorney in Orange County Answers, “How do I obtain a death certificate?”

If you have lost a loved one and are now attempting to close out their estate, we are sorry for your loss and we understand how frustrating the process can be. The steps to take after the loss a loved one can be overwhelming, but requesting a death certificate is a great place to get […]

Notify Social Security After a Loved One Passes | Probate Attorney in Orange County

By: Darlynn Morgan, Probate Attorney in Orange County In continuing our blog series on The Steps to Take After Losing a Loved One, we’re going to discuss Social Security and how to make sure benefits are properly stopped upon death. A common misconception is that Social Security will automatically be notified once a person passes […]

Probate Attorney in Orange County Discusses ‘When The Unthinkable Happens’…

By Darlynn Morgan, Probate Attorney in Orange County It’s “Date Night” Friday… The one night a week when you and your spouse spend time together…talk about the week…have a nice leisurely dinner…just the two of you. You’ve lined up a babysitter… You left money for the pizza delivery guy and a list of contact numbers […]