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Working with a Business Planning Lawyer In Orange County to Choose a Business Entity: Part I

With so much information to share on the types of business entities to consider, this post will appear in two parts. The first will look at some of the more commonly recognized entities that business planning lawyers in Orange County to help set up, and the second will delve a bit deeper. Without the help […]

Developing a Qualified Personal Residence Trust with a Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer

Most people recognize that Orange County estate planning lawyers work hard to protect their clients’ assets to maximize an estate after the individual’s death, but this is really only one aspect of the job. Estate planning lawyers help families and individuals to plan for their own futures with retirement planning, help with investment strategies to […]

Estate Planning Advice to Protect Your Children if They Get Divorced in Orange County

An unexpectedly common problem that Orange County estate planning lawyers encounter is how the proceeds of an estate are handled when the beneficiary gets divorced. We don’t want to think of our children dealing with the pain of a divorce, but losing the inheritance you left behind would certainly pour salt in the wound. That’s […]

Solid Retirement Planning with an Estate Planning Attorney in Orange County, CA

Perhaps one of the best reasons to hire and estate planning attorney in Orange County, CA is because of what they can do to help with retirement planning.  Most of us have a kind of fantasy about what our retirement will look like, but a smart Orange County estate planning lawyer knows that it takes […]

Trustee Fees as Part of Special Needs Planning in Orange County

In order to ensure proper use of funds, Orange County special needs planning lawyers help their clients choose a trustee.  This person is put in charge of the special needs trust, and instead of providing money directly to the beneficiary (the child with special needs), the trustee will usually pay directly from the trust to […]

Orange County Elder Law Attorney Weighs in on Guardianships vs. Powers of Attorney

As an elder law attorney in Orange County with considerable experience, certain questions are asked over and over again.  One area that sometimes requires explanation is the difference between guardianships and powers of attorney. Guardianships for Elders Guardianships come into play when an adult experiences some sort of issue that leads to a mental disability.  […]

Ask an Orange County Wills and Trusts Lawyer: What Do I Do With My Vacation Home?

Vacation homes can create some interesting estate planning situations, and wills and trusts lawyers in Orange County, CA are privy to quite a few of these circumstances.  The vacation home may be very valuable, in terms of money, tradition, or both.  Of course, where its value lies may be different for each heir. Let’s say […]

Is Your Business Built on a House of Cards?

Your business must have a solid legal foundation to thrive and grow. Forming your business can be confusing. How do you know if you should form an LLC or an S-Corp? Work with a trusted adviser that will take the time to get to know you and your business who can guide you through this process properly.

Can You Trust Your Trust?

If you already have a revocable living trust, then this article is for you.  Can you trust that it will work when you and your family need it the most?  Will you really avoid a conservatorship or a probate and the costs and delay that come with these drawn out court processes? This may surprise […]