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Orange County Will Lawyers: How to Disinherit an Heir

If you are reading this blog by our Orange County will lawyers, you might be considering disinheriting someone. We know that this is sometimes a very tough choice, but if you are ready to move forward, here’s what you should know about cutting someone off from inheriting from you. Disinheriting Your Child If your will […]

A Helpful Look at the Differences Between Estate Planning and Asset Protection in Orange County

Will and estate lawyers in Orange County are most often considered by folks who are wanting to put their end-of-life affairs in order. The lawyer helps them to draw up important documents such as powers of attorney and medical directives, as well as to develop a plan for how an individual’s property will be distributed […]

Estate Planning Advice to Protect Your Children if They Get Divorced in Orange County

An unexpectedly common problem that Orange County estate planning lawyers encounter is how the proceeds of an estate are handled when the beneficiary gets divorced. We don’t want to think of our children dealing with the pain of a divorce, but losing the inheritance you left behind would certainly pour salt in the wound. That’s […]

Wills and Trusts Administration in Orange County, CA

Wills and trusts administration in Orange County, CA is an interesting aspect of estate planning law, and one that has a really important impact on the beneficiaries of an estate.  Generally speaking, a lawyer in Orange County who does wills and trusts administration will offer a variety of services. Administration with a Will When the […]

Keeping Your Wills and Trusts Updated | Newport Beach Estate Planning Tips

Wills and trusts are two very important tools that the client and lawyer can create to protect that future. As important as that initial meeting is, however, there is still a need to follow up regularly to keep your wills and trusts updated and reflecting your current situation.

Top 5 Estate Planning Tips for the Newly Divorced

This may not be top-of-mind, but updating your will is extremely important if you are going through a divorce. Having your assets go to your ex can be like adding insult to injury…and can tie up your estate for years to come.

Orange County Estate Planning and Unintended Consequences When Transferring Property

There’s little doubt that working with an estate planning attorney is a great approach to protecting your assets and your beneficiaries from excessive taxation. Residents of Orange County rely on these professionals to help them discover what strategies they can use to legally avoid paying more taxes than are necessary.

Orange County Wills Lawyer Discusses Gifting to Nieces and Nephews – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You (and Them)

As an Orange County wills lawyer, I want you to picture this scenario… You’ve worked hard, saved and managed to accumulate some wealth. You’re not a robber baron by any means but you’re comfortable.  Your siblings haven’t fared as well and you want to make sure that their children have the benefit of a solid […]

Orange County Wills Lawyer: “If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard someone say – I’m not ready yet!”

By Darlynn Morgan: Orange County Wills Lawyer There are a couple of phrases that make an Orange County wills lawyer cringe at their mere utterance…. and today I would like to discuss one of them with you.  That is… I’m not ready yet! Truthfully, no one is really ever ready to discuss their own death […]

Orange County Wills Lawyer Answers, ‘Do Advance Directives Really Work?’

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Wills Lawyer A Living Will… A  Durable Power of Attorney… An Advanced Health Care Directive… Any of these documents can help to establish your wishes when it comes to the medical treatment you receive at the end of your life. But do they really work? According to one of the […]