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Orange County Trust Attorney: Reduce Your Tax Burden with a Qualified Personal Residence Trust

As an Orange County trust attorney, I know that a family home or vacation property is often the most valuable asset in estate. While the homeowner may want to leave their cherished property to children or other beneficiaries as an inheritance, taxes can quickly thwart well-meaning plans. The sad truth is that without proper planning, […]

Orange County Trust Attorney: Tips When Storing Valuables and Documents in Safe Deposit Boxes

As you work with a trust attorney in Orange County, you will likely end up making a list of your assets. Some of these are tangible, such as property and heirloom jewelry. Others are not so obvious and could include important documents related to marital status or military service. Each of these items is an […]

How An Attorney Can Screw Up Your Trust | Orange County Trust Attorney

If you’ve followed my work as an Orange County trust attorney for any length of time, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of Do-It-Yourself trust drafting software that you can purchase online through places like Legal Zoom or RocketLawyer. That’s because the boilerplate language that you just “plug” your name and personal information into […]

Figuring out the type of estate plan you’ll need | Orange County Trust Attorney

In our previous blog we discussed that the first step to creating a good Orange County estate plan is to calculate your net worth. This can be done by subtracting all of your total debts from your total assets. The next step in our series on estate planning is to determine what type of plan […]