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What You Need to Know About Terminating a Bypass Trust

As tax laws have evolved over the years, some tools of estate planning have become outdated. What was once beneficial to a surviving spouse may no longer be the best option. A bypass trust, combined with a survivor’s trust to form what’s known as an AB trust, is often used by affluent couples as a […]

What Happens If My Heir Dies Before I Do in Orange County?

In the majority of estate plans in Orange County, the heirs are pretty clearly outlined.Typically speaking, spouses and children are the most commonly listed heirs. But, what happens when you outlive an heir?

A Hypothetical, But It Does Happen | Orange County Estate Planning

Today we’re going to discuss a situation that happens all the time.  It’s a situation that almost nobody thinks about, unless you’re an estate planning attorney, but it does occur often enough to talk about.  Consider the following hypothetical: A woman, let’s call her Elizabeth, has passed away.  Elizabeth is survived by four adult sons. […]

Orange County Estate Planning Security: Have It Before You Hit the Sand

From the desk of Darlynn Morgan, Orange County estate planning attorney Imagine the scene—it’s vacation time. You push the umbrella into the sand, watch the ocean waves roll up onto the beach in sublime rhythm. Your kids run out into the water, maybe, toting boogie boards and laughter. It’s the summer – the week ahead […]