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Estate Planning When You Have No Heirs | Newport Beach Will and Estate Lawyer

It’s entirely possible for someone to have an estate and no one to inherit it when they die. It could be due to not having children of one’s own and no other family. It could also be due to outliving all of one’s relatives, or not having relatives who live in the United States. Whatever […]

Wills and estates attorney in Newport Beach explains how to address outstanding debt after the loss of a loved one

Contrary to popular belief, a person’s debt is not automatically canceled out upon their passing.  As you will soon find out, all outstanding bills will eventually need to be paid out of the decedent’s estate. Until the estate is evaluated and the will is looked at, one of the easiest ways to buy time before […]

Newport Beach Wills and Estates Lawyer Discusses Estate Planning Before, During and After Your Divorce

By Darlynn Morgan, Newport Beach Wills and Estates Lawyer You’ve decided to file for divorce.   You’ve spent countless hours researching online, you’ve done your homework about the proceedings and you’ve even narrowed down an attorney you’d like to work with. All bases covered, right? Well not exactly if everything you own is still set to […]