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Newport Beach Will and Trust Lawyer: What Property Should Be in a Living Trust?

If you are reading this blog, you probably already decided that you want to create a living trust with a Newport Beach will and trust lawyer to avoid probate and put a quick end to the estate administration process. You might also have decided that you want your estate and the decisions you made about […]

The ABCs as Defined by a Newport Beach Wills and Trusts Lawyer

Wills and trusts lawyers in Newport Beach have a pretty vast base of knowledge when it comes to what they do. In order to share a bit of that, here are the ABCs of wills and trusts in California. A – Always work with an experienced lawyer. B – Beneficiaries are those who receive the […]

Newport Beach Will and Trust Attorney Discusses Estate Planning for Senior Citizens – It’s About Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

As a Newport Beach will and trust attorney I hear the same things over and over…. I don’t have an “estate.” I have more debt than assets…. or The only thing I own is my home. As you’ve probably guessed, these are excuses that people make every day for not having an estate plan. They […]