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Newport Beach Estate Lawyer: Understanding General POAs vs. Limited POAs

As a Newport Beach estate lawyer, I know that it can be difficult to plan for the future, especially for a time when you’re not able to make certain decisions for yourself. The idea can be tough to swallow, even if you’ve experienced it with older relatives and know of the possibilities. However, planning ahead […]

Newport Beach Estate Lawyer: 4 Steps to Avoid Stress at the End of Life

As a general rule, Americans are very uncomfortable talking about end of life issues. We just don’t like to think of the end of our life or the end of our loved one’s life. I get that. But, if there was one message I could get across today it would be this: By not discussing […]

Writing Your Own Obituary | Will Lawyers in Orange County

Working with a will lawyer in Orange County can bring up some uncomfortable feelings.  Those of us in this area of law are very aware of the fact that many people avoid important planning for this very reason.  After all, there aren’t a whole lot of people who want to contemplate their own demise, let […]

Newport Beach Trust Lawyer Reveals Additional Types of Income to Include in Your Estate Planning

There are some forms of income that obviously need to be discussed with your trust lawyer in Newport Beach, CA.  When putting together your plan, you’ll want to consider your current employment, retirement plans, bank accounts, and possibly your own business.  As you work through the estate planning process, it will be clear that these […]

Newport Beach Estate Lawyer Reveals 3 Legal Documents Every Graduating Senior Needs to Ensure Parents Can Act On Their Behalf In An Emergency

It is graduation time, which means your “baby” is all grown up and preparing to head out into the real world. But before your son or daughter packs up for summer vacation or even their first semester of college, I want you to think about what it means having a child who is an “adult” […]