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Orange County Living Will Attorney Helps Clients Plan for an Unexpected Disability

Orange County living will attorneys know full-well the ramifications of not planning ahead for an unexpected disability.  Even those clients who understand the importance of estate planning tend to overlook what would happen if they should become unable to care for themselves.  It’s not the happiest thought, but the reality of not having a living […]

Planning for Loss: Legal Protections For Those Facing a Diagnosis of Dementia

If you or a family member are one of the millions of Americans facing a diagnosis of some type of dementia, it is critical that you have the essential estate planning documents in place that will protect you and your loved ones.

How to Ensure Your End-of-Life Wishes Are Respected

ow do you want to die? Do you want lifesaving treatments to be administered even if all brain activity has ceased? Is your family aware of your wishes? And perhaps the more important question, is your doctor aware of your wishes?

Orange County, CA Elder Law Attorney Tackles the Sibling Situation

Siblings often have trouble agreeing on anything, so why should it be any different when it comes to Mom and Dad’s elder care? Unfortunately those of us in estate planning and elder law see quite often how families have a very difficult time when it comes to determining what is best for aging parents. In […]

Orange County Living Trust Attorney Talks Disasters and Estate Planning

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan… The massive tornado outbreak in the southern United States… Serious flooding in the Midwest… Wildfires in Texas… These are just a few of the natural disasters making headlines. Just listening to the news is heartbreaking. Any of these disasters can strike at any time. If it happened to your […]

Orange County Wills Lawyer Answers, ‘Do Advance Directives Really Work?’

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Wills Lawyer A Living Will… A  Durable Power of Attorney… An Advanced Health Care Directive… Any of these documents can help to establish your wishes when it comes to the medical treatment you receive at the end of your life. But do they really work? According to one of the […]