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Parents Died Within 24 Hours of Each Other– Was There a Plan? | Orange County Guardianship Lawyer

I read this story a while ago, but I was thinking about it today. In 2016, a young couple and parents of six died within 24 hours of each other.  The mother died unexpectedly from a blood clot and the father died 24 hours later as a result of a heart attack. Many feel that […]

Orange County Guardianship Lawyer Answers, “Will My Ex Get My Kids If Something Happens To Me?”

The short answer is; it depends. This is a question we get a lot, and one we typically discuss at length with non-married parents during our planning sessions.  When one of the parties of a divorce decree dies, this will end the custody agreement because there’s no longer anything to govern. In most cases, custody […]

Top Ten Things to Think About When Choosing A Guardian for Your Children

If it pains you to think about not being around to raise your children, just think about how it will affect your children if something happens to you and you haven’t chosen a legal guardian for them. Choosing a legal guardian takes more than a verbal agreement between you and the chosen party… There are […]