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Newport Beach Elder Law Attorney: BIG Changes Coming for Nursing Home Contracts

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Servicers (CMS) just made a momentous change of federal nursing home regulations. Nursing homes are now banned from using pre-dispute binding arbitration agreements.  This means nursing homes can no longer force you to sign away your right to due process. Let me explain…. Before this regulation change, nursing homes […]

Newport Beach Estate Lawyer: 4 Steps to Avoid Stress at the End of Life

As a general rule, Americans are very uncomfortable talking about end of life issues. We just don’t like to think of the end of our life or the end of our loved one’s life. I get that. But, if there was one message I could get across today it would be this: By not discussing […]

Snowbirds Must Plan for Dual Residency, Warns Newport Beach Elder Attorney

By Darlynn Morgan, Newport Beach Elder Attorney It’s officially December, which means the “snowbirds” are starting to take flight! As an elder attorney in Newport Beach, I am all too familiar with this term!  Southern California is one of the top “snowbird” destination sites in the country for people seeking to escape the brutal cold […]