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How to Leave Assets to Your Step-Children

How to Leave Assets to Your Step-Children Blended families are becoming more and more common in modern society, yet estate laws remain largely unchanged and still geared toward a “traditional” family structure. This poses an issue when it comes to leaving an inheritance for step-children in an estate plan. Step-children are often not legally adopted […]

An Estate Planning Lawyer’s Advice When Divorcing in Newport Beach

When getting a divorce, it seems like there’s no end to the paperwork.  One task that is far too often overlooked by those in Newport Beach is making an appointment with their estate planning lawyer.  Whether you already put together an estate plan with your ex-spouse or you’ve never gotten that far, now is the […]

Solid Retirement Planning with an Estate Planning Attorney in Orange County

Perhaps one of the best reasons to hire and estate planning attorney in Orange County is because of what they can do to help with retirement planning.  Most of us have a kind of fantasy about what our retirement will look like, but a smart Orange County estate planning lawyer knows that it takes some […]

It’s Not Just Death and Taxes: You Need an Incapacity Plan That Works When It’s Needed

Estate planning is not only about having a plan in place to deal with what happens at your death, it is also about having a plan in place to deal with what happens if you become mentally incapacitated.  In this issue you will learn: What happens without an incapacity plan. The essential documents for managing […]

Planning for Disability – The Good, The Bad and The Necessary

No one likes to think about the possibility of their own disability or the disability of a loved one. However, as we’ll see below, the statistics are clear that we should all plan for at least a temporary disability. This issue of The ElderCounselorTM examines the eye-opening statistics surrounding disability and some of the common […]

Three Top Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan in 2014

Make this your top New Year’s resolution — update your estate plan this year. If you didn’t update your estate plan last year when the federal tax laws changed, 2014 is the year to make some important changes in it. Alterations to tax laws can definitely impact your estate, plus addressing two other key issues […]

How to Choose an Executor or Successor Trustee with Your Orange County Estate Lawyer

The decision of who to appoint as your executor or trustee is a huge one, and we’ve talked about it a bit in the past.  Still, it’s important to make sure that you have the information you need to make the right choice with your Orange County estate lawyer.  This person will hold incredible responsibility […]

Joint Tenancy Considerations

Joint tenancy is nothing but a planning pitfall. Although joint tenancy has been assailed for years by many estate planning experts, it remains, unfortunately, a very popular form of property ownership. How Joint Tenancy Works In joint tenancy, each person owns the entire asset, not a part of the asset. Even if a joint tenant […]

What to Do When You Inherit a Retirement Account

As an estate planning lawyer in Orange County, I am often asked to help people who inherit a retirement account.  The action you need to take with an inherited IRA depends upon your unique situation; the IRS has rules for each and recently announced that they will be cracking down on taxpayers who make mistakes […]

Simple Advice From a Trusts Lawyer California: ‘Don’t Forget to Title Your Assets in The Name of the Trust!’

From the Desk of Darlynn Morgan, Trusts Lawyer California I wanted to post a quick update today to remind those of you who’ve met with a trusts lawyer California and created a trust to take an inventory this week and make sure your assets are truly TITLED in the name of the trust you created! […]