Wills Lawyer Orange County Asks, What Happens To My “Tweets” When I Die?

By Darlynn Morgan, Wills Lawyer Orange County If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that my focus as a wills lawyer Orange County is to preserve not just your financial wealth, but your legacy as well. That often means going beyond your financial assets covered by “traditional” estate planning methods, and […]

Orange County Estate Planning for the “Non-Traditional” Family

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer The face of the American family is changing. Since 1970, the number of what are considered “non-traditional” families (i.e., unmarried opposite sex couples, same sex couples, single parents with minor children and single adults with neither children or a partner) has more than doubled. And now, with […]

Orange County Probate Attorney Talks Continuing Care Retirement Communities – The Third Choice for Seniors

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Probate Attorney As an Orange County Probate Attorney, I often help my clients plan ahead for the type of living assistance they may want (and may ultimately need) when they reach the golden years.  However, when it comes to such options, most people only think of three things:  living at […]

Orange County Wills Lawyer: “If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard someone say – I’m not ready yet!”

By Darlynn Morgan: Orange County Wills Lawyer There are a couple of phrases that make an Orange County wills lawyer cringe at their mere utterance…. and today I would like to discuss one of them with you.  That is… I’m not ready yet! Truthfully, no one is really ever ready to discuss their own death […]

Trusts Lawyer California Explores Nevada-nizing Asset Protection

As a trust lawyer California, I wanted to share this article featuring an interview with my good friend and colleague, Steve Oshins, on Nevada-nizing asset protection.  We work very closely with Mr. Oshins here at Morgan Law Group and I think this information is something you will find quite interesting. Enjoy’! By Robert L. Moshman, […]

Newport Beach Estate Planning Lawyer Talks Anna Nicole Smith & The Cost of An Outdated Estate Plan

By Darlynn Morgan, Newport Beach Estate Planning Lawyer Just when you thought the world was finished with Anna Nicole Smith’s legal woes and the troubled actress could finally rest in peace, another ugly court battle is underway.    Only this time it involves the trial of her doctors and former boyfriend, who are accused of illegally […]

The Entrepreneur and Their Personal Orange County Business Attorney– It’s Not Just About Lawsuits Anymore

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Business Attorney Starting and running your own business requires you to be something of a gambler. Regardless of how much you plan, nothing is certain except that at least some of the million and one things you think can go wrong, will. To balance your penchant for taking a few […]

Orange County Estate Tax Lawyer Tackles Traditional vs. Roth IRAs – Which is the Better Choice?

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Estate Tax Lawyer The talk this year about changes in the availability of Roth IRAs has raised questions from many people eligible for the benefits of these individual retirement accounts. One of the hottest topics of discussion is the advantages of a traditional IRA versus a Roth IRA, and whether […]

Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer Asks, “Can You Sleep”

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer The story is told of a farmer who decided to hire someone to help him care for his prosperous farm.  The only applicant was an older man with a limp.  The farmer, a little disappointed, reluctantly offered the man the job but expressed his concern that the […]

Trust Lawyer California Offers Important Considerations When Choosing Who Will Handle Your Assets

By Darlynn Morgan, Trust Lawyer California When creating an estate plan, you will be asked to name people who can handle your financial affairs on behalf of your beneficiaries should something happen to you. In my experience, this decision is one of the toughest you will need to make – second only to deciding who […]