A Homerun for the Steinbrenner Family, But Your Family Could Be Out At First Base, Warns Orange County Estate Tax Lawyer

From the desk of Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Estate Tax Lawyer George Steinbrenner, the fiery owner of the New York Yankees, passed away on July 13. Mr. Steinbrenner became one of the most recognizable professional sports owners in America after having paid around 10 million dollars for ownership of the Yankees in 1973. While often […]

OC Metro Magazine Names Newport Beach Estate Planning Lawyer, Darlynn Morgan, Among OC’s Top Attorneys

As featured in the August edition of OC Metro magazine, Darlynn Morgan of Morgan Law Group has been named among the top lawyers in Orange County for the year 2010.  This award comes on the heels of being recognized as a Top 40 under 40 business star in 2009 by OC Metro magazine and as […]

A Virtual Smack in the Head From Your Neighborhood Wills Lawyer, Orange County

From the desk of Darlynn Morgan, Wills Lawyer Orange County One of my greatest passions in life is educating parents on the importance of naming guardians for their children and preparing in advance should death or incapacity occur. Of course the possibility of leaving this world can be difficult to accept and for that reason, […]

Warning from a Wills Lawyer: Orange County Residents Must Avoid Finding Security in Generic Documents

From the Desk of Darlynn Morgan, Wills Lawyer Orange County I’m often asked, what is estate planning? Let me share with you, first, what estate planning is not. Estate planning is not about getting a set of documents prepared. Many people think that they can simply get a will, a trust or powers of attorney […]

What You Don’t Know About The Generation Skipping Tax Could Cost Your Grandchildren Their Inheritance

Virtually everyone knows about the California estate tax (unless they’ve been living under a rock for the last ten or twelve years).  But if you’re planning to leave property directly to your grandchildren or even great grandchildren, there’s another tax you need to plan for now. A tax that can be just as costly as […]

Before You Say “We Do”: Important Planning Tips from an Irvine Corporate Lawyer

From the desk of Darlynn Morgan:  Irvine Corporate Lawyer Every new relationship begins with starry-eyed optimism… The world is your oyster…the sun is shining…the birds are singing… But what happens a few months down the road when the bloom is off the rose? Believe me, as an Irvine corporate lawyer I know from experience that […]

More than Wills and Trusts, OC Residents Can Now Leave “Digital Assets” To Their Loved Ones

Once upon a time, people left sentimental and priceless assets such as journals, letters and scrapbooks behind to their loved ones.   And while some people may still record their thoughts, memories and daily happenings this way, the majority of Americans are now using computers as their primary form of communication and record keeping. So what […]

Orange County Business Attorney Reveals That In Forming a Business Entity, An Ounce of Prevention Can Be Worth Pounds of Cure

From the desk of Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Business Attorney Your years of hard work have finally paid off.  The long hours, the networking, the devotion to your clients have all put you in prime position to open your own shop. But not so fast… Curb your enthusiasm for just a few minutes and think […]

When It Comes To Medicaid Planning, Now Is Always Better Than Later Says Orange County Elder Lawyer

As an Orange County elder lawyer, I often hear people exclaim during their planning sessions “I hope I never end up in a nursing home!” How many times have you said it yourself? The loss of personal freedom as well as the potentially devastating financial cost can be a scary proposition.  Depending on where you […]

Do I Really Need an Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer or Can I Do It Myself?

I am often asked: ‘Do I really need a lawyer or can I just do my estate planning myself’? Putting my bias as an Orange County estate planning lawyer aside, the truth is that creating your own legal documents creates a false sense of security and serious problems that you won’t catch until it’s too […]