Orange County Wills and Estates Lawyer Discusses How to Plan for Incapacity

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Wills and Estates Lawyer When most people think about estate planning, they envision meeting with an Orange County wills and estates lawyer to plan for their death.  However, a good, comprehensive estate plan covers so much more than just planning for death, as it should also include provisions to protect […]

Newport Beach Estate Planning Attorney Reveals 4 Big Reasons Young Professionals Might Need an Estate Plan

By Darlynn Morgan, Newport Beach Estate Planning Attorney As a Newport Beach Estate Planning Attorney, I realize there are several misconceptions about estate planning floating around but there’s one that is particularly troublesome that I’d like to address.  It’s something that I hear often.  That is… I’m a young professional planning for my future.  Do […]

Orange County Business Attorney Reveals Seven Things You Need to Know About Health Care Reform

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Business Attorney Health care reform was signed into law on March 30, 2010. While many of the changes won’t take effect until 2013, as your Orange County business attorney, I’d say the time to start planning for these and other changes is now. We’ve compiled a list of seven things […]

Orange County Estate Tax Lawyer Asks, ‘Are You Ready for the 2011 Tax Changes?’

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Estate Tax Lawyer If ever there was a time to call your Orange County estate tax lawyer, now is that time. The tax cuts instituted by the Bush administration in 2001 and 2003 are set to expire in 2011 unless Congress does something to stop it before the end of […]

OC Probate Attorney Answers Discusses The Role of The Estate Administrator and Who Should You Choose?

By Darlynn Morgan, OC Probate Attorney As an OC probate attorney, I know that selecting the executor of your estate is one of the most critical decisions you will make while preparing your estate plan.  Many people come in to my office thinking they already know who they want to serve in this role– and […]

Orange County Elder Lawyer Helps You Decide If Your Aging Loved One Needs Long Term Care

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Elder Lawyer As an Orange County elder lawyer, I know it’s hard to think about, but imagine one of these scenarios… Your mother falls, breaks her hip and requires hospitalization and long term follow up care… Your spouse repeatedly wanders off and gets lost… Your grandmother has lost an unusual […]

Orange County Probate Lawyer: Invest In The Protection of Your Family Before It’s Too Late!

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Probate Lawyer As an Orange County probate lawyer, I’ve literally been bursting at the seams to write this blog post after receiving an email that absolutely rocked my week. Basically, an acquaintance of mine who was in her 40’s suddenly passed away last week.  I had talked with her repeatedly […]

Wills Lawyer Orange County Asks, What Happens To My “Tweets” When I Die?

By Darlynn Morgan, Wills Lawyer Orange County If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that my focus as a wills lawyer Orange County is to preserve not just your financial wealth, but your legacy as well. That often means going beyond your financial assets covered by “traditional” estate planning methods, and […]

Orange County Estate Planning for the “Non-Traditional” Family

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer The face of the American family is changing. Since 1970, the number of what are considered “non-traditional” families (i.e., unmarried opposite sex couples, same sex couples, single parents with minor children and single adults with neither children or a partner) has more than doubled. And now, with […]

Orange County Probate Attorney Talks Continuing Care Retirement Communities – The Third Choice for Seniors

By Darlynn Morgan, Orange County Probate Attorney As an Orange County Probate Attorney, I often help my clients plan ahead for the type of living assistance they may want (and may ultimately need) when they reach the golden years.  However, when it comes to such options, most people only think of three things:  living at […]