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Orange County Trust Attorney: Reduce Your Tax Burden with a Qualified Personal Residence Trust

As an Orange County trust attorney, I know that a family home or vacation property is often the most valuable asset in estate. While the homeowner may want to leave their cherished property to children or other beneficiaries as an inheritance, taxes can quickly thwart well-meaning plans. The sad truth is that without proper planning, […]

A Primer from Your Newport Beach Wills and Trusts Lawyer

Wills and trusts lawyers in Newport Beach handle so much more than just the creation of legal documents. One of the most important parts of the job is educating and guiding clients through their options, which often depend on the client’s unique financial and family needs. To that end, today’s article is a basic introduction […]

Newport Beach Trust Lawyer: How to Protect Inherited IRAs From Future Bankruptcy

Newport Beach trust lawyers are abuzz following a recent US Supreme Court decision that will have big implications for clients.  The fact that these professionals keep up-to-date on legislation and court decisions that affect their clients is one of the most important reasons not only to hire an estate planning lawyer in the first place, […]

California Asset Protection Planning: How To Insulate Your Wealth From Creditors and Judgments

In today’s litigious society, just about everyone needs some level of asset protection planning.  Unfortunately, more and more people are using the legal system to deprive others of their life’s work. Whether you’re involved in a car accident, a mistake on the job, a business relationship gone sour, or you simply face unexpected financial difficulties […]

Business Planning Lawyers in Orange County Recommend Estate Planning

A small business is a part of your identity, not to mention your livelihood.  Business planning lawyers in Orange County look to protect both aspects of this should you die or become incapacitated.  Advanced planning is one of the smartest things that you can do to ensure that your small business meets the goals you […]

How to Choose an Executor or Successor Trustee with Your Orange County Estate Lawyer

The decision of who to appoint as your executor or trustee is a huge one, and we’ve talked about it a bit in the past.  Still, it’s important to make sure that you have the information you need to make the right choice with your Orange County estate lawyer.  This person will hold incredible responsibility […]

Talking to Your Estate Lawyer In Orange County About Your Final Wishes

While discussions about burial and cremation are not necessarily the most enjoyable part of meeting with your estate lawyer in Orange County, they are relevant and necessary.  Determining what will become of your body after death is a deeply personal experience, and estate planning lawyers understand this. It’s not unusual to make your arrangements with […]

Including Your Service Providers in Your Estate Plan | Orange County Will and Trust Lawyers

An Orange County will and trust lawyer’s job is to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row so that if you become deceased or incapacitated, your loved ones will now how to manage your estate and follow your wishes.  Laws in California vary from those found around the country, which […]

Joint Tenancy Considerations

Joint tenancy is nothing but a planning pitfall. Although joint tenancy has been assailed for years by many estate planning experts, it remains, unfortunately, a very popular form of property ownership. How Joint Tenancy Works In joint tenancy, each person owns the entire asset, not a part of the asset. Even if a joint tenant […]

Not All Property Can Be Left through a Will | Will Lawyers in Orange County

With much experience behind them, will lawyers in Orange County often feel like they’ve “seen it all.”  This is good news for clients, because it means that the attorney can help you prepare for situations that you might never have expected otherwise.  One surprise that people hear from their estate planning lawyers is that you […]