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If you have a large estate, you will want to consider what strategies are available to minimize your exposure to the federal estate tax. There are many “tools in the toolbox” and once we do an analysis of your assets and values, hopes and dreams, will we then be able to craft an advanced estate plan that is right for your family.

Year-End Tax Planning In 2012

Year-end tax planning is always important, but this year it is especially difficult because of uncertainty about what the tax laws will be for 2013. The Bush-era tax cuts are scheduled to expire on December 31 and the President and Congress have once again delayed taking any action. No one knows which, if any, of […]

State of the Estate Tax Redux

Do you know if your family would have to pay an estate tax on your assets if you died today? If you’re like most people, you’re probably worth more dead than alive. It’s not uncommon for average, middle class families to be worth over $1 million at death by virtue of term or permanent life […]

Using Advanced Irrevocable Trusts for Income and Estate Tax Savings: Making 2012 Count

The next nine months are an exceptional window of opportunity for your clients to make family wealth transfers. The federal gift and estate tax exemption is $5,120,000, and both income tax rates and interest rates are at the lowest point in a generation. With federal deficit spending also at record levels, tax and interest rates […]

Estate and Tax Planning Opportunities Available to Affluent Families

With the $5.12 million per person exemption from federal estate tax ($10.24 million for married couples), most of the estate planning “talk” recently has been on the planning opportunities available to affluent families. However, the need for estate planning remains for everyone. According to a recent Forbes article, 55% of Americans do not have even […]

Orange County Estate Tax Attorney Discusses the Debt Ceiling Debate and the Estate Tax, Pets, Guns, and Alimony…What Could They Possibly Have in Common?

Actually, they do have something very important in common: your estate plan. In this article, we will look at what the recent debt ceiling debate can tell us about the estate tax. Then we will look at several specialized trusts designed to solve particular estate planning problems, including trusts for pets, registered firearms and alimony. […]